INTO THE NIGHT season 1 review netflix

First official Belgium drama series is launched 1 May, 2020 in Netflix Turkey. 6 episodes of Into The Night focus six main characters of the story. The ready to fly plane managed to fly Moscow but Italian Nato soldier hijacked. The passengers had to obey the strict rules to fly to the West side. According to the latest news, sun is killing the humanity. The pilot obeyed the hijacker rules even though he was injured by him.

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During the episodes, we observe the passenger motivations for Moscow. But due to social media news from the improved connection, they strongly believe the hijacker. Each plane landing, the team pick up basic materials such as food, beverages, medical supplies and aviation fuel. They had to solve new problems, while racing against the time.

Turkish actor Mehmet Kurtuluş is playing Ayaz in the drama. It is good to watch Turkish talents in Netflix Belgium production. Sun damage reason is not well designed, maybe the production team will solve the missing issue in the second season of Into the Night.

Kutay Çev.

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